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Plan Check and Permit Information

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Permit Application Status History
Submitted 06/26/2012 APPLICANT
Assigned to Plan Check Engineer 06/28/2012 CATHERINE NUEZCA GABA
Plans on Hold 06/28/2012 BILL STUTSMAN
Hold Released 07/06/2012 KAMRAN GHOTBI RAVANDI
Disabled Access Plans Picked Up 07/16/2012 APPLICANT
Corrections Issued 07/24/2012 CATHERINE NUEZCA GABA
Reviewed by Supervisor 07/25/2012 DAVID CHANG
Building Plans Picked Up 07/26/2012 APPLICANT
Green Plans Picked Up 07/31/2012 APPLICANT
Applicant returned to address corrections 08/21/2012 CATHERINE NUEZCA GABA
Applicant returned to address corrections 09/19/2012 CATHERINE NUEZCA GABA

Permit Application Clearance Information
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Licensed Professional/Contractor Information
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Inspection Activity Information

Inspector Information
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Pending Inspection Request(s)
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Inspection Request History
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