The Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) Electronic Permit System (e-Permit system) allows for the issuance of a permit to install new stucco over existing wood siding to remain or wet sandblast and re-stucco an existing stucco building or structure. The e-Permit system does not allow for the issuance of a permit to remove existing wood siding and install new stucco or re-stucco over stucco walls with cracks exceeding 1/16". For these two cases, a plan check conducted at the public counter of a LADBS Construction Services Center is required. Two sets of the following indelible plans are required for plan check:

A floor plan drawn to a scale of 1/4 inch to 1 foot showing the entire exterior perimeter of the building or structure including all openings and uses of rooms with exterior walls.
Information about materials as well as inspection requirements are listed below.

New Stucco over Existing Wood Siding to Remain

Two layers of Grade D weather-resistive paper shall be installed per Los Angeles Building Code (LABC) Section 91.1402.1 prior to the installation of the stucco lath. The type and weight of metal lath, and the gage and spacing of wire in welded or woven lath, the spacing of supports, and the methods of attachment to wood supports shall be as set forth in Tables 25-B and 25-C of the LABC. The minimum nail or screw lengths as set forth in Table 25-C of the LABC shall be increased by the thickness of the existing wood siding to remain. A minimum 7/8" thick layer of stucco shall be applied over the lath in three coats as set forth in Table 25-F of the LABC.

Wet Sandblast and Re-stucco

The existing stucco surface shall be wet sandblasted as required to remove the weathered surface of the existing finish coat of the stucco. All minor cracks in the existing stucco of 1/16" or less in width and where the lath has not detached from the wall framing may be repaired by patching. After all minor cracks are repaired, the sandblasted finish coat shall be refinished to achieve a minimum 7/8" thick layer of stucco.

Inspection Requirements

In most cases where new stucco is applied over existing wood siding to remain, two inspections are required. The first inspection is required to verify the correct weather proofing and lath attachment. The second inspection is required when the stucco installation is complete. In most cases where existing stucco is wet sandblasted and re-stuccoed, one inspection is required when the finish coat replacement installation is complete.

For stucco permits issued using the LADBS e-Permit system, the inspector will provide the required inspection signature card at the first (or only) inspection. To reach your inspector to verify inspection requirements for your project, call the LADBS Customer Call Center deal 311 for calls originating inside of Los Angeles County. For calls originating outside of Los Angeles County, call (213) 482-0000.

Inspection Requests

You can schedule an inspection by using our Automated Inspection Request System (AIRS) which is available anytime (except between 2am and 3am) or by contacting our Customer Call Center (CCC) during our regular business hours (7am to 5pm). Both are available at 311 for calls originating inside of Los Angeles County. For calls originating outside of Los Angeles County, call (213) 482-0000. To reach AIRS select option 1, to reach CCC select option 2. When calling for an inspection you will need to know the permit number, the site address, the date and type of inspection needed, and the name and phone number of the person to receive a confirmation call on the morning of the inspection. Inspections are available for the next business day until 3pm on the previous business day using AIRS and until 2pm on the previous business day using CCC. An AIRS Sequence Chart is helpful when scheduling an inspection request using AIRS and can be obtained by clicking the "LADBS Home" link within the left "Help" margin and then selecting the "Inspection" item.

For a stucco lath inspection, use the "325 - Interior/Exterior Lathing" AIRS inspection code. When the stucco or re-stucco is complete, use the "335 - Final" AIRS inspection code. When using AIRS to schedule an inspection request, it is recommended that you write down your inspection request confirmation number for future reference. This confirmation number can be obtained by pressing the "1" key in step 10 as shown on the AIRS Sequence Chart.