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Address Search Rule

The following rules must be observed when searching for the desired parcel by address:

1.   You may enter a single whole number address or a range of whole number addresses. If you are searching for an address with a fraction, simply enter the whole number address or a whole number address range to return a list of all the addresses that match the range with and without a fraction.
2.   To search for a single address, you must enter a "Street Number" value and a "Street Name" value. The "Street Name" is the name of the street and does not include the street suffix such as Ave, Blvd, Pl, St, etc.
3.   To search for an address range, you must enter a:
  • "Street Number Start" value, a
  • "Street Number End" value, and a
  • "Street Name" value.
All other fields are optional, and if they are used but not completed accurately, it may result in the parcel not being found. See rule 5 below for the allowable address range with and without a wildcard character substitution in the street name.
4.   If you are uncertain about the spelling of the street name, or how the street name is represented in our database, enter only the portion of the street name that you are sure of and use a wildcard character (the percentage symbol "%" - without the quotes) to substitute for the rest of the street name. You must enter at least the first 3 letters of the street name before using a wildcard character and nothing can follow the wildcard character. Numbered streets contain the ordinal number abbreviation (i.e. st, nd, rd, th) as part of the street name such as 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. and there is no space between the number and the ordinal number abbreviation.
5.   When using an address range as described in rule 3, the allowable address range is limited to the following:
  • With a wildcard character substitution in the street name: 50.
  • Without a wildcard character substitution in the street name: 100.
  • Wildcard characters cannot be used within the street number fields.
6.   If you decide to use the "Street Direction" and "Street Suffix" fields when using an address range, be warned that inaccurately completing these fields may result in the parcel not being found. Unless you are certain about the accuracy of these two fields in combination with the other address search values you have entered, it is recommended that they not be used.